Is the desktop going to disappear?


So much recently has moved towards "the cloud" and "virtual computer" that many wonder what will Technology look like? Am I heading in the right direction?

If being able to operate your computer, or your programs, from a laptop, tablet, smart-phone, public PC, friends laptop, or your SmartTV... then perhaps you might want to open your mind to some newer technologies... especially if you can work more efficiently, or increase profits because of that access.

"The Cloud" has changed many minds about what their company needs are. Basically, taking a business need and extending it beyond the physical walls of your office means your using "The Cloud" to get your work done. That could be remote access to your office (from outside), hosted email from a provider, or an online storage drive where you can save files. "The Cloud" is "The Internet". Cloud Computing means using the Internet as your network - further extending, and perhaps relocating, the technology you need to wherever on that network makes the most sense.

Today I contemplated what the future might hold for desktop computers. The fact is, we use applications. PC's or even laptops run those applications, open the data we need to view or change, and then save that data. Today, we can launch several compatible "Office" programs (word processor, spreadsheets, presentation programs, etc.) from just about any device, from laptops to smart phones, tablets and yes, even SmartTV's.

So, if what's important is the data, and you can use different "apps" on different devices to access that data - then why does the data need to be on that bulky desktop computer that requires so much maintenance and support.

The fact is, it doesn't. By extending your business's access to data, using the Internet, you have global access to your files and information. You just need the right app, and the right configuration. That bulky desktop will go away. In it's place - a multitude of devices that satisfy your needs at that location. Imagine a 24" screen, keyboard and mouse - plugged  in to a maintenance-free box that connects to the Internet and runs "apps" like your phone or tablet.

Yes, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile will be more common operating systems, expanding their use to larger screens that make sense in an office environment. They'll run apps that pull data from an Internet/Cloud based location and deliver what you need - information.

The downside? You'll pay more per month hosting ANY of your equipment or data outside your office. You might not own the equipment your data is on, and you won't know who to call (or yell at) if you can't get your data. Oh... and you'll have to remember more usernames and passwords.

However, there's help. Don't get scared. It the future, and it's inevitable. We're here to help.