Private Cloud Storage Solution is here, today!

I'm excited to talk about this project because it's something I've been researching and working on for almost three years. I wanted to find a solution that allows you to access your company data, securely, over the Internet, from any device (laptop, desktop, website, tablet, or a smartphone).

The access had to be to the actual file server at your office, and it had to provide remote workers, field personnel, business owners, contractors, customers, and vendors secure access to files stored either on your server, or a server hosted offsite from your main offices.

We've found the solution.

Available, today, right now - you too can have that "app" feel to getting your data without using unsecure 3rd party solutions that store your data in unknown locations. It's your data - you should know where it is, and who's accessing it.

This solution also includes a synchronization tool allowing remote computers and laptops to synchronize personal files/folders, and it also includes a means of delivering that shared folder as a drive letter on a computer, located somewhere else.

Awesome. Truly awesome - especially for the Architectural & Engineering markets in today's economy. Why? Because as the A&E firms begin to grow, so will their need for outsourced resources. Contractors that have better/faster machines at home, and the work can be done quicker and cheaper - so why not let them work from home?

The solution can range from $25/month for hosted storage (hosted by AIS, in OUR data center, on OUR equipment), or up to $500/year for your own license to run on your won equipment.

It's easy to setup and configure, easy for people to use, and does what we've been looking for... get the data closer to the people that need it.