Private Cloud offerings available NOW

How time flies when you're having fun with tech!

We are proud to be able to offer one of the best, and most economical, solutions for moving away from other 3rd party Cloud Storage solutions... you can now Drop the Box.

AIS is able to host, or install an on-premise solution which allows you to gain access to your files at anytime, from anywhere, on anything.

This solution also can provide an easier way to email large files, share entire folders (or just files) and even let access to those files and folders expire!

There's too many options to list, so just visit to get a better idea of the Tonido FileCloud solution which we are able to demonstrate for you and your staff.

This technology is something we're VERY excited about. It's the perfect solution for the small business that's always working, always on-the-go, and working with multiple different devices, with other people, and various other partners/consultants/clients/vendors/etc.

Get your own Private Cloud solution TODAY.